Only 1 day until IFA Berlin 2017

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We look forward to sharing our vision and values at IFA Berlin 2017, from September 1st through 6th. We aim to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing these industries, and share our insights on how the latest innovative trends are having an impact.

What happens to us and our data if smart devices occupy our homes and lives?

Increasingly, traditional functional objects such as vehicles or homes are becoming adaptable enough to mould themselves to the preferences and tastes of their users.

Items like cars are becoming an extension of one’s home and office, wherein they listen to the same music, experience the same connectivity and comfort.

How can we describe the role of connected living in today’s world?

Our team has been closely following key topics impacting the consumer electronics industry and would like to share our views with your organization.

Topics which are in our focus are:

  • Smart home & home networks
  • Robotics
  • VR
  • Digital heath
  • Lifestyle & wellness
  • Research labs & start-ups