BeautyTech Highlights at CES 2017

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The world´s biggest consumer electronic trade show has celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. With over 2.6 million square feet exhibition floor and over 180,000 attendees CES has presented the most recent developments in the field of consumer electronics from all over the world.

Today, we introduce you to technologies worth paying attention to in the area of BeautyTech. Consumer electronic technologies have a clear focus and increasing interest in this area and technologies addressing these fields were intensively and more than ever present at this year´s CES.

In order to meet the requirements of these trends, Intergroup has strengthened its team and has created a new business unit for Health Care and Life Style.

AR technology

Augmented Reality makeover apps are available from almost every top beauty brand. Now, this tech is no longer just for makeovers, but used to simulate hair changes, anti-aging treatments and more. Companies such as Modiface have facial tracking and AR technology that allows the most realistic skin care, anti-aging, hair style, make up or other beauty simulations. “Magic mirrors” in addition to these apps will become more popular in the coming year. Established businesses will gain new revenue by adopting these new innovations to consumers who increasingly are incorporating technology to their beauty regime.

Skin Analysis for Optimized Cosmetics

Coway´s Io-Care Beauty is a beauty device that mixes and provides optimized cosmetics customized to each individual through 3D Internet of Things platform based diagnosis.

S-Skin from Lumini is made up of a microneedle patch and a portable device that can help analyse your skin, give you solutions and even suggest products that you’ll be able to use. By the way: Lumini is one of three projects unveiled as part of Samsung´s Creative Lab program.

Skin Analysis Imaging Tools

Skinscopy provides in-depth skin analysis through any mobile devices´ camera, giving users an at-home reference for their skincare needs.

Brain technologies

NuCalm uses clinically proven neuroscience to guide you into a deep relaxation.

tDCS or transcranial Direct Current Stimulation is a simple way to augment the brain’s natural functions. uses tDCS to enhance alertness, boost focus and increase capacity to learn and to do sports.