Come and meet us in Berlin

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Are you expanding into new territories? Do you need access to European markets, Virtual Distribution or Omni-channel expertise?

Do you want to meet true technology and innovation game changers? Do you have successful, profitable partnerships in place?

We are the international services firm that enables innovative companies and investors to secure growth. We deliver new revenue streams, provide credibility and C-level access based on our own reputation/expertise. We accelerate cross-industry penetration and control the risk of your market entry.

We have a decade of specialised, dedicated operational and global experience.

We offer:

  • Combined Strength; Global enablement of growth, across industries
  • Combined Services; Revenue Enhancement, M&A Scouting and Tech/Partner Scouting
  • Pioneer Knowledge across selected Vertical solutions
  • We Shape; excellent customer references through our Organic/Inorganic growth teams

Our team has been closely following key topics impacting the consumer electronics industry and would like to share our views with your organization:

1. Virtual Distribution
2. Smart Home/Living
3. AR/VR
4. Lifestyle & wellness
5. Wearables

Looking forward to inspiring you.