CES 2016. Where the Industry is headed

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Intergroup Partners is participating in CES 2016:

  • Meeting a number of innovative companies.
  • Evaluating new technologies.
  • Closing partnerships to remain ahead of the trends affecting today’s and tomorrow’s business.

There is no better place than CES to discover early stage companies in CE and related area.

Here are a few of the top topics to be on the lookout for at CES 2016:

  •  A look at the technologies driving the $223.2 billion consumer and industry technology industry.
  • How IoT is transforming the way we communicate in business and at home.
  • New implementations of virtual and augmented reality at manufacturing
  • The self-driving-car; the concept of a fully autonomous car in most environments.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, meet us at CES