CES is a hub for innovation. Join us at Las Vegas.

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CES is the only place to experience the entire connected ecosystem that brings together the technologies, solutions, players and audiences in the smart city sector including: IoT, 5G Connectivity, Transportation and Smart Automotive, Energy and Utilities, Health and Public Safety, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

What trends can you expect?
Which are the fastest emerging cross-industry IoT enabling partnerships?
What if you can’t be there?

CES is a hub for innovation that you don’t want to miss!

We offer the following tailored service package:

Take the time capsule to the future: CES Future Trend Scouting

Why: Identify the strongest and relevant trends in any technology sector for your specific industry.


1. Trends: Technology and business model
2. New industry shapers identified
3. What is missing?

We have sound references in automotive innovation, ranging from retina recognition solutions, secure Bluetooth and PKI, to data business models for Smart Cities.

We are torchbearers in technology:

  • We enable companies to grow through innovation
  • We manage the opportunities created by disruptive technology
  • We are a multidisciplinary cross-industry team
  • We understand how to apply digital technologies and services across markets
  • We have expertise and lead innovation across five key sectors: Energy, Healthcare, Mobility, IoT & Industry and Security

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