Disruptive Innovation Webinar: CES 2019 Trends

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Every year, CES allows us to see into the immediate future.

Want to understand what consumers will still be buying in 18 months? Pay attention to the products that will ship in Q3 2019 and the emerging trends that drive them.

Want to know what’s on the horizon? Wondering about potential investment or business opportunities? CES is the best place to form and test technology-based ideas.

Look at this year’s tech offerings. To understand the trends behind them, please come and join our webinar.

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  • Join our webinar for the freshest perspective of the latest trends from #CES2019
  • Discuss new concepts and ask questions that are specific to your business
  • Take your ideas to the next level

The panel discussion will be webcast, live, on JAN 23th at 2PM CET.

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We hope you do register and we look forward to seeing you on the webinar.