What is the pace of innovation disrupting your industry?

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Usually, when a company finds that a competitor or Startup has found an innovative way of delighting their customers, their reaction is not to jump for joy about how they can also benefit from this new innovation.

Their reaction is usually anger. Fear. And the desire to fight to defend what they have.

We have seen first-hand how innovation challenges and incubators within companies fail once an idea has been tested and the end-users love it, but the company’s leadership is hesitant to release and scale it as it might impact their existing core business.

They are in essence afraid of disrupting themselves.

But here is the thing. If you don’t disrupt yourself when a new innovation provides a better experience for the end user, then another company will.

Sometimes, in order to prevent the enemy from destroying you, you need to make peace with it. Sometimes, make love with it. Love overcomes fear and anger. And only then will you benefit from the innovation as well.

We look forward to sharing our vision and values at DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival 2018 from September 3 through 6 in Tel Aviv.

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