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Man and machine, not ‘man OR machine’. Artificial Intelligence (AI) humanizes robots.

Will they still be identifiable as machines? Should you care?

Let’s talk about the hot topics in electronics and its applications and how we enable our clients to identify and secure innovative growth opportunities.

Come and meet us in electronica 2018; an event that experience the entire world of electronics. Let us present you industry trends and, in doing so, enable you stay competitive on the electronics industry’s global market. Be on the front of the curve!

We look forward to sharing our vision and values in Munich from November 13th through 16th.

electronica 2018 inspires us as we manage the opportunities created by disruptive innovation.

  • We deliver new revenue streams
  • Accelerate product decisions with 
 tailored scouting benchmarks
  • Provide impulse, perspective & actionable market intelligence
  • Simplify the future impact of new tech
 use cases and business models

We are at your service.