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Tackle key issues in value creation, fundraising, macroeconomic trends, organizational structure and modus operandi to gain a competitive edge in fast-evolving, volatile markets.

Bringing together leading asset managers, institutional and corporate investors, top-tier consultants and entrepreneurs from across Europe, the forum offer the perfect milieu to take a step back to evaluate strategies, to exchange critical insights, to explore high-quality, diverse investment opportunities and to forge strategic relationships.

A forward-looking, collaborative and deal-driven platform with a unique format, EURUS 2018 offers a highly engaging and content-rich programme for leaders in private equity, venture capital and real estate to share actionable intelligence for informed cross-border, cross-sector investment and to explore cutting-edge to emerging challenges.

EURUS 2018 inspires us as we manage the opportunities created by disruptive innovation.

  • We deliver new revenue streams
  • Provide credibility and C-level access based on our own reputation/ expertise
  • Accelerating cross-industry penetration
  • Focus on won business beyond generation
  • Control the risk of your market entry

We are at your service.