Grid Scale Battery Storage Ready to Take Off in Germany.

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But stakeholders look for clarity from the regulator.

After a cautious initial reaction, energy supply chain stakeholders have realised that battery energy storage is not only a key enabler for energy transition, it may also have advantages for national economies if deployed in the right scale and at the right location.

Deployments rapidly accelerate where the regulator removes obstacles to new options such as storage, which are more flexible than traditional solutions such as grid expansion or conventional peak generation.California and Italy have taken steps in this direction. Germany is still looking for the right mechanisms to sustain supply quality in given high renewable penetration and the regulator is still unsure/concerned about how to deal with storage in the grid.

The key benefits to emerge from adequate regulation include:

  • Community storage solutions, shifting load peaks more efficiently and providing ancillary services to DSO.
  • Storage plants that provide balancing services more efficiently at a regional bottleneck.
  •  fast deployment of solutions for local congestion and to reverse power flow.

Technology vendors need to provide storage control solutions to combine market and grid focused modes of operation and to optimise overall power flow and grid asset operation.If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.