Healthcare Highlights at CES 2017

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The world´s biggest consumer electronic trade show has celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. With over 2,6 million square feet exhibition floor and over 180,000 attendees CES has presented the most recent developments in the field of consumer electronics from all over the world.

Today, we introduce you to technologies worth paying attention to in the area of Health Tech. Consumer electronic technologies have a clear focus and increasing interest in this area and technologies addressing these fields were intensively and more than ever present at this year´s CES.

In order to meet the requirements of these trends, Intergroup has strengthened its team and has created a new business unit for Health Care and Life Style.

Smart Rehab Glove

Rapael Smart Glove provides fun and customized rehabilitation training exercises for stroke patients.

Smart Medication Tracking

Pilldrill gives reminders when medication needs to be taken, effortlessly tracks taken medication and sends real-time updates to loved ones and healthcare professionals.

Connected Telemedicine

Telemedicine, eHealth and remote patient monitoring, like Visiocheck are game changing technologies for future medicine.

Ear-biometric Wearable

Bodytrak measures biometric information like body temperature heart rate, VO2, etc., from the ear for the first time.

Medical-grade Wearable

Qardiocore. The first medical-grade, FDA approved wearable uses sensors to record ECG, heart- and respiratory rate, and activity data.