Improved Security at Immigration with e-Gates

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Border control systems increase passenger-processing efficiency and significantly improve public safety. When a traveller presents an e-travel document at an e-Gate, this document is scanned and automatic workflows verify:

  • The authenticity of the document, by security feature check.
  • The traveller’s identity, by comparing live biometrics (Fingerprint or Face) with information in the document.
  • The traveller’s risk and immigration clearance status, by cross-checking databases.

This scenario allows skilled personnel to focus on managing exceptions – actual risks and cases requiring extra attention –instead of processing low-risk travelers. This shift from monitoring the masses to active intervention in specific cases, improves the effectiveness of security and immigration processing. At a typical e-Gate facility, a single officer monitors five to six e-Gates, enabling one officer to process five times more passengers than in typical processing methods. These efficiencies are measurable and have a significant impact on immigration’s ability to rapidly process increasing passenger volumes. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

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