Let’s take a look into the future at IFA Berlin 2017

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We look forward to sharing our vision and values at IFA Berlin 2017, from September 1 through 6. Come and connect with the latest innovation in Smart home & home networks, robotics, VR, digital heath, lifestyle & wellness, research labs & start-ups.

Everything is getting smarter. AI is already here. Robots fly our planes, play video games and beat humans at chess and Go. They are replacing humans in their ability to build, defend, heal, explore and entertain.

It’s a fact; recognition, machine learning, gesture control and context-aware computing are just some of the elements needed to power this highly complex technological revolution.

How are these technologies evolving and where are they being applied most successfully today? What insights into the future of robotics can they provide; and what can existing deployments teach us about the challenges we face in transitioning more of what humans do to machines, both from a technological and ethical point of view?

We work closely with your team to explore how these technologies are evolving and where are they being applied most successfully today.