Meet our team today at #CeBIT2016

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We are participating in the CeBIT 2016:

  • Meeting a number of innovative companies
  • Evaluating new technologies
  • Closing partnerships to remain ahead of the trends affecting today’s and tomorrow’s business

Topics we believe will be important in the near term, and which will be in our focus are:

  • Wearables/ VR/ AI

It is estimated that about 23 million wearables were sold worldwide in 2014 and that by 2019 this figure will grow to 150 million. Virtual Reality devices of Google Cardboard and Oculus are currently just cool gadgets, but stand ready to make a profound impact not just on gaming and entertainment, but travel, education, advertising and commerce. These disruptive powers of digitalization will revolutionize traditional models of interaction and communication between clients, businesses and industries.

  • Evolution in Mobile Commerce

Mobile Payments are set to take consumers by storm. According to Goldman Sachs, mobile commerce is expected to increase 205% to $626 billion by 2018. Considering the convenience of using Apple Pay, Visa Checkout or Samsung Pay, it is easy to see why.