Immersive experiences at Mobile World Congress

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Mobile World Congress runs from February 26 through March 1. We look forward to meeting you in Barcelona.

We will work closely with your team to explore how today’s VR & AR devices are blending the physical and virtual worlds, unlocking the potential to transport consumers to a host of new experiences – both real and virtual.

There may still be limitations, but we are pushing the boundaries of mixed reality beyond the traditional applications.

We will identify the key tech trends. From advances in the technology and hardware, to how brands are using mixed reality to bring fans closer to live experiences. The mainstream future of VR is rapidly evolving from a tethered experience to a mobile experience, opening up far-reaching possibilities across a number of sectors – including healthcare, education and media.

Topics we believe will be critical in the near term:

  • AI, Automation & Mobile VR & AR
  • Internet of Things Security, ID
  • Wearables
  • Digital Health and Wellness
  • Smart Cities & Connected Living

We have sound references in innovation; from retina recognition solutions, secure Bluetooth and PKI, to data business models for Smart Cities.

We are torchbearers in technology:

  • We enable companies to grow through innovation
  • We manage the opportunities created by disruptive technology
  • We are a multidisciplinary cross-industry team

We support you to develop and grow competitive solutions:

  • We understand how to apply digital technologies and services across markets
  • We have expertise and lead innovation across five key sectors: Energy, Healthcare, Mobility, IoT & Industry and Security
  • We are serial entrepreneurs and experienced business managers

We are driven to continue evolving ahead of the market.

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