3 reasons to meet us in MWC19

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Our team is at #MWC2019 to stay ahead of the latest trends.
We are ready to meet innovators, digital pioneers and industry leaders.

Our goal is to explore the future of connectivity through the event as it fuels new technologies and services that will blend our physical and digital worlds.

These are some ideas and topics we have in mind to engage in a meaningful conversation:

1) Do you have the R&D capabilities to access new demand? We are the bridge between R and D. Our Technology Scouting subscription provides access to the emerging technologies set to energise your marketplace.

  • We are torchbearers in the application of technology
  • Develop new offerings for you
  • Accelerate product decisions with tailored scouting benchmarks

2) What is the conversion rate of your sales pipeline? We are a dedicated team with a wide-reaching network across innovative industries. The key to successful revenue generation lies in selection through knowledge and experience:

  • We are experts in delivering new revenue streams
  • Provide credibility and C-level access based on reputation
  • Accelerate cross-industry penetration

3) Do you consider your deal flow quality appropriate? We are a dedicated cross-industry team, enabling a faster and higher-quality deal flow. We identify small and mid size companies across multiple industries, uncovering the best opportunities – and your next investment:

  • Tailored & exclusive investment scouting
  • Extend your industry focus
  • Simplify the technology leverage of the investment Understand M&A activity across value chain Bottom-up industry insight and track record

We want to create a dialogue between the tech industry and your business. Please contact us. Looking forward to inspiring you!