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Until everything is connected, nothing is. The revolution has only just begun, but it is already changing how businesses operate. Big data, analytics and digital technology are playing the key roles, from developing new ideas to creating networks.

Our team is ready to discuss future-oriented technologies and smart concepts for connectivity at Smart IoT in Excel, London from 12 – 13 March 2019.

We work closely with teams to explore the disruptive innovation woven into every aspect of your industry. The speed of innovation and its diffusion continues to accelerate.

We are the bridge between R and D. Our Technology Scouting subscription provides access to the emerging technologies set to energise your marketplace.

  • Accelerate product decisions with tailored scouting benchmarks
  • Provide impulse and perspective with actionable market intelligence
  • Simplify the future impact of new tech on use cases and business models
  • We are torchbearers in the application of technology
  • Develop new offerings for you

Meet us in London. Looking forward to inspiring you.