Virtual Distribution Transformation

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Client's Challenge

  • Gardiner Bros & Co (Leathers) Ltd distributes footwear and workwear to retail trade. They have over 140 years of experience
  • Gardiners has developed virtual distribution software platform and expertise to service it’s own customer base – Market Extra
  • This software affords competitive advantage, as yet unrealised
  • This competitive advantage is being eroded by time
  • Gardiners need to activate and market this solution

Intergroup Outcome

  • Identify pre-requisites for success to commercialisethe virtual distribution software, including USPs of the Gardiner organisation
  • Program management across all departments
  • Lead the commercialization with pure distribution, consignment, sales support, key data transparency for forecasting and delivery
  • Creation of the Toolkit to acquire new brands, retailers and regions

Customer Benefits

  • Bringing the CEOs vision of a virtual distribution to execution
  • Organisation belief in the digitalization of a traditional business
  • New Brand partnerships and closer vertical relationships
  • Securely enabled ‘first mover’ advantage for new markets/regions
  • Rapid increase in pipeline with controlled cost