Technology and Investment Scouting at AWE 19

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How are the new XR business models and how do they affect you?

We look forward to sharing our vision and values at AWE19 from October 17 through 18.

The AWE Conference and Expo in Munich, Germany, launches the discussion on hot topics like leading spatial computing (AR/XR).

Spatial computing is at a critical crossroads. Tech giants and thousands of startups who are seeking growth opportunities beyond mobile have set spatial computing on a trajectory for exponential growth. Most large corporations are adopting spatial computing to improve their businesses driven by strong evidence that it delivers measurable ROI, and consumers have begun to appreciate the radical benefits of the technology which could signal the next dimension of humanity.

Our Technology and Investment Scouting at AWE 19 is a way of making this fascination tangible, while also assessing technological developments and the very latest claims and investments.

YOUR tailored scouting with Intergroup Partners.


  • AR/XR
  • Robotics
  • AI


  • Mobility
  • Gamification
  • Retail
  • Security
  • Industrial IoT

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