We are at CeBIT 2015

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Intergroup Partners is looking forward to meeting you at this year’s CeBIT 2015 (15 – 20 March) in Hannover.

With an increasing amount of Smart Home, Wearable, and Smart City applications, devices, and services, a true B2B2C end-to-end process- and value-chain can be realized for any product in the market.

Our focus areas on CeBIT 2015 are:

  • The impact of digital transformation on key vertical markets.
  • Big Data and especially the potential of predictive analysis.
  • IoT – the Internet of Things, especially the approaches of consolidating information and functionality to manageable and usable platforms.
  • Security, Privacy, and Authentication solutions.
  • Change generated by Mobile Enterprise and Cloud services.
  • Industry 4.0 and the advance of cyber-physical systems.
  • IP everywhere – the old vision of ubiquitous computing and the approaches for how to get there.

All of these topics will create new opportunities and change the angle of business.

Besides these general trends, we are looking forward to visiting discover applications new solutions at the CeBIT@CODE_n stand – the innovation hot spot of the CeBIT, which is showing 50 startups out of the area of Big Data and Internet of Things.

Furthermore the CeBIT Innovation Award for Usable Security and Privacy will be announced, which addresses a major field of research an innovation, impacting all other areas.
We from Intergroup are your partners in finding the answers and navigating through change in the waters of the digital transformation.

Let’s Think together in 2015!