What is next after connectivity?

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What are current adoption levels of connectivity technologies, keeping in mind market drivers and barriers?

Come and meet us at IFA Berlin 2017.

Our team has been closely following key topics impacting the consumer electronics industry and would like to share our views with your organization.

Topics which are in our focus are:

  • Smart home & home networks
  • Robotics
  • VR
  • Digital heath
  • Lifestyle & wellness
  • Research labs & start-ups

Our impact is:

  • Trusted local representation, sales and business development
  • A deep background in verticals, connectivity and digital technologies
  • Solid access to European consumer industry & IoT projects
  • Forging technology partnerships and ecosystems

We look forward to sharing our vision and values at IFA Berlin 2017, from September 1 through 6. We aim to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing these industries, and share our insights on how the latest innovative trends are having an impact.